César Petrino César Petrino

He was born in the City of Buenos Aires on June 21, 1981. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), graduating in 2004 with the title of Attorney and Solicitor. He is currently finishing his postgraduate studies, doing the “Master in Business Law” at the Austral University. He has command and knowledge of the language in English.

Areas of expertise and professional experience

Lawyer specialized in Labor Law, with over 18 years of professional experience, has extensive experience in advising companies, institutions and workers. He began his career in the year 2000 as a clerk, in the Court of Instruction No. 7 in the Palace of Courts. In the private field, he worked in the law firm “Allegrone & Asociados”, where he strengthened his profile of Integral Legal Advice and then decided to join the team of advisors of the “Pefeaur, Agüero, Pinto, Kramer Law Firm”, where he developed in the Federal, Civil and Commercial Law. Subsequently, he joined the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, to provide legal advice in public bidding processes, assisting in the review of specifications, bases and conditions and legal opinions of the same. From 2006 to the present, he works in the law firm “Adrogué, Marqués, Zabala y Asociados”, an institution that has named him a Partner in 2016, consolidating his orientation in private, civil, commercial and labor law, developing himself as a specialist in mediation and conflict resolution.

Participations and Mentions

He began as a professor of “Private International Law” at the University of Buenos Aires, in the Chair of Dr. Weinberg de Roca, Argentine jurist specializing in International Law and Human Rights. He is currently an instructor in the labor legal field and provides advice to companies in labor law, and the different courses of action in the current labor dispute. In recent years, participates in legal advice for business Chambers, before certain collective conflicts and / or joint negotiations, including the Ministry of Labor.