“Adrogué, Marquéz, Zabala & Asociados” has a serious and permanent commitment with corporate social responsibility. Besides their active collaboration in the collective negotiating table at the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security under the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for the promotion of fair employment, our law firm is deeply involved in building bridges as well as links between corporations and the Casa del Niño María de Nazaret located in Villa Ballester.

Below you will find information about the institution above:

  1.  The Casa del Niño María de Nazaret is a charity and soup kitchen that provides assistance to 89 children from the Barrio 9 de Julio. The aim of this center is to provide comfort to families and provide a space for children while their parents are at work or looking for jobs.
  2.  The Casa del Niño María de Nazaret is a community social organization created by the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt and also a non- governmental organization and FOPAR1 by UNICEF, provides care and assistance to children and teens living in extreme poverty.
  3.  The Casa del Niño María de Nazaret is also a non-profit association registered with the Inspección General de Justicia2 its activities in a building located in Cabildo 249, Villa Ballester, San Martín, Buenos Aires Province (Phone Number: 4783-5512), which belongs to the Diocese of San Martín.

The Casa del Niño is funded by the uninterested contributions of Corporations and Individuals supportive of nonprofit activities. This is the reason why we invite you to participate in any program or activity you wish by providing:

  • Funds to pay teachers and collaborators that work at the Casa del Niño on a permanent basis.
  • Goods (computers, furniture and others), as well as groceries to provide for children´s nurturing needs.
  • Voluntary work by those interested in helping children, such as teachers, language teachers, trade teachers, physicians, dentists.
  • Lastly, sponsorship for children attending the Casa del Niño María de Nazaret.

More information at: www.casadelninomaria.com.ar
Tel: 4738-5512 / 5195-8448 | E-mail: info@casadelninomaria.com.ar

In addition, our law firm is a member of and provides employment advice to the FUNDACION PARA LA IGUALDAD DE OPORTUNIDADES EDUCATIVAS (FUNDACION CIMIENTOS).

If you are interested in our sponsorship program you can contact Mr. Alberto Carlos Luque (Partner of the Law firm AMZ & Asociados) and head of the project www.casadelninomaria.com.ar, who will kindly clear all your doubts and provide the information you may require.