Alberto Carlos Luque César Petrino

He was born in Buenos Aires on February 1, 1964. He graduated from UBA in 1989 with a B.A. in Labor Relations. Later on, he continued his college education in UMSA, where he graduated as an attorney in 1995. He is married and has one daughter.

Practice Areas
He is an attorney specialized in Labor and Social Security Law, who combines his human resources expertise with labor counseling. His professional experience includes the handling of union relations and preventive counseling in individual as well as collective conflicts. His vast experience and university background in the Human Resources area give him a remarkable vision when it comes to analyzing a variety of legal situations, thus providing human resources heads with solutions with a practical application and a solid legal background.

Professional Experience
He started his professional development in the Human Resources sector, with different executive appointments in first-rate companies such as: KENIA S.A (1987-1988), PROGAR S.A. (1989), Carboclor IQSAIC (1990-1992) and CIDEC S.A. (1993-1996). As from 1997 he provided integral specialized assistance in labor and social security issues as self- employed, and between 2003-2005 at a law firm. In 2005 he formed and became a partner of the law firm “Adrogué, Marqués, Zabala & Asociados”.

Institutional Activities
Member of the Board of the Casa del Niño María de Nazaret (Non-profit, apolitical and ecumenical organization).