Luis Ángel Discenza César Petrino

He was born in Lomas de Zamora, Greater Buenos Aires, on September 3, 1968. He graduated from UBA [University of Buenos Aires] in 1995 as an attorney specialized in administrative law and its procedures. He is married and has two children

Practice Areas
He specializes in Labor Law and Social Security and has a vast experience in corporate counseling. The close relationship between the labor relations and the different administrative agencies, at a national and provincial level, complement his specialization in the event of spot-checks, inspections, claims and conflicts.

Professional Experience
He started his professional development in CASFEC [Board of Trade Workers´ Family Allowances] (1989-1991), providing services in the Presidential Board. He was later a legal counselor and general coordinator of the Sistema Único de Registro Laboral del Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad Social de la Nación [Single Labor Record System of the Ministry of Labor] (1991-2001). At the Ministry he participated in the elaboration of labor policies, among which the implementation of the Unified Labor Identification Code – C.U.I.L. is worth mentioning. As from 2001 he complemented his professional experience with direct and comprehensive corporate counseling at a specialized law firm. In 2005 he formed and became a partner of the law firm “Adrogué, Marqués, Zabala & Asociados”.

College Activities
Assistant Professor of “Applied Labor Law”, Graduate Courses on Human Resources Strategic Administration at the School of Economics (UBA) Visiting Professor at the Specialization on Labor Law Course, School of Legal and Social Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Litoral. He has a remarkable teaching ability, which translates into the provision of numerous training courses in first-level corporations.


  • Permanent collaborator of La Ley Publishing Company (Magazines: Derecho del Trabajo, Práctica Profesional and La Ley on line).
  • Co-author in “El trabajo voluntario” [Pro bono work], Revista del Derecho del Trabajo, Publishing House La Ley, 2002.
  • Co-author in “ Los contraltos laborales y no laborales de formación en la Argentina” [Labor and non-labor contracts in Argentina], Revista del Derecho del Trabajo, Publishing House La Ley, March 2000.
  • He has collaborated in surveys carried out by the Ministry of Labor and the ILO on Employment regularization (1992-1993).