Glauco Carlos Marqués César Petrino

He was born in Buenos Aires on June 11, 1960. He first attended a private elementary school in San Pedro and a public high school in San Isidro. He graduated from UBA [University of Buenos Aires] in 1985 as an attorney and paralegal. He studied Economics at UBA. He took a diversity of graduate courses. Proficient in both, spoken and written English.

Practice Areas
Attorney specialized in general business law and particularly in labor and social security law. He took his first steps into the practice of law at San Isidro Courts. Afterwards he worked as an in-house attorney in “Alianza” Group (Alianza Petrolera, Astilleros Alianza, etc.) where he rendered a variety of services that made him gain a vast knowledge and experience not only in trade as well as in labor related issues. Later on he worked as a Legal Manager not only in Buenos Aires but also abroad (New York and Miami). As from 1994 he exclusively devoted to corporate labor law issues and worked as an attorney and director in a specialized law firm. In 2005 he decided to put all his knowledge and experience in a law firm of his own so as to improve the services he had provided up to the present. His vast experience in advising corporations as well as employers organizations from a variety of perspectives (he worked in courts, corporations and law firms) differentiate him in the implementation of solutions to legal challenges that pose the relationship among corporations, unions, courts and administrative authorities. He has had a remarkable participation in the bargaining and implementation of contracts and agreements aimed at overcoming the wide range of conflicts that corporations have had to face with their employees, unions and other organizations to which the company is related.

He has a remarkable practice in the negotiation and implementation of agreements in the top executive sector as he is highly proficient in English and has a vast knowledge as far as strategies and handling of conflicts and collective negotiations are concerned.

Professional Experience
San Isidro Courts (1979-1986). In-house attorney in “Alianza Group” (1987-1992). Legal Manager in Personal Card S.A. (1992-1994). Attorney and Director in law firm specialized in labor law (1994- 2005) Partner in “Adrogué, Marqués, Zabala & Asociados” (as from 2005).

College Activities
At the beginning of his professional career he lectured a variety of courses in the commercial law area. He took a Masters course in Business Administration (IDEA) between 1992 and 1993. He teaches classes of Labor Law at UCA [Argentine Catholic University]. He has lectured a great number of courses related to his area of expertise.

He has written the chapters “Suspensiones concertadas” [Suspensions agreed on] and “Despidos sin causa” [Unfair dismissals] of the book “Crisis en la Empresa: procedimientos y medidas laborales aplicables” [Corporate crisis: applicable labor procedures and measures], Publishing House: Errepar, 2002. He has also published different articles aimed at the business sector and the general public ( in the most important newspapers and magazines in the country). Author of a variety of publications related to legal principles and opinions (Errepar, La Ley, etc).